‘I want to inspire others.’ Wayne man volunteers to mow the lawns of those in need

A Passaic County man who has experienced some tough times himself is now giving back to those in need.
Wayne Township resident Brian Schwartz created the website IWantToMowYourLawn.com as an act of kindness.
“Free lawnmowing service for senior citizens and veterans in the area of North Jersey” Schwartz says.
Schwartz lost his job in June and wanted to find a way to keep busy.
Went outside to clear my mind one day, to mow my lawn,” he says. “I was thinking about my grandfather at the time who passed away last year and thinking about just everything going on in the news and watching everything and just wanted to do something good.”
Schwartz says that people have been reaching out to him and wanting to volunteer.
“I’ve always wanted to inspire others, make others feel good and I never thought I could at this magnitude,” he says.
Schwartz says that he plans to add snow removal to his services. There are now 10 volunteers and two landscaping companies involved.
The initiative has also expanded to New York, Illinois and Texas.