Hunters urge town officials to oppose Murphy’s hunting ruling

Hunters in northern Passaic County are urging officials in one town to oppose Gov. Phil Murphy’s restrictions on the upcoming black bear hunt.
The hunters say that they hope that the hunt goes as planned when it starts on Oct. 8.
The governor announced in August that hunting would be banned at state forests and parks. This would protect bears from hunters on about 700,000 acres of state wildlife property.
The hunters say that without the hunt, the bear population would increase and pose a danger to New Jersey residents.
Hunters in West Milford attended a council meeting Wednesday night to call on town leaders to pass a resolution opposing Murphy’s ban.
“We all eat meat and that’s where it comes from – animals,” says hunter Eric Bunk. “Whether we hunt or buy them from the store, it’s all the same.”
“It teaches them to be afraid. The parents teach the cubs to stay away from humans. Without the hunt, there’s no fear. They come and they take over,” says hunter Rick Ashley.
The council members at the meeting seemed to be split on the issue. They agreed to research the issue more and to consider the idea of opposing the governor’s order.