Hundreds gather outside Montclair Planned Parenthood in support of abortion rights

A large group of demonstrators gathered outside the Planned Parenthood building in Montclair in support of a woman’s right to have an abortion.
The event was organized by a handful of organizations within hours after Politico leaked a draft decision that suggests that the United States Supreme Court will overturn Roe v. Wade.
Hundreds filled the front lawn of the Montclair building Tuesday night. Abortion rights advocates and elected officials spoke at a podium.
Among them was New Jersey first lady Tammy Murphy. She told that crowd this is why New Jersey enacted the Freedom of Reproductive Choice Act.
“This attack on women’s reproductive autonomy is exactly why we took this step earlier this year to insure every New Jerseyan’s full reproductive rights into law,” Murphy said.
LIVE BLOGRoe v. Wade
The rally had the supporters of all ages, including Montclair resident Wilma Hurwitz, She says that she cannot believe that she is back to where she was 50 years ago to fight for reproductive rights
“I’ve been here on Earth when this thing went through. I know how important it was, how important it’s been. It’s amazing, it’s sort of scary,” Hurwitz says.
Mother Corina Slackman says she brought 7-year-old Lilly and 11-year-old Jordan to the rally so they can know how important the issue is to so many people.
“It’s never too young to learn and a lot of interesting conversations are going to happen because of this rally,” Slackman says.
Those who organized the rally say that they are planning a bigger event on May 14.