Pickup truck crashes into Howell home, forcing evacuation of 14 people

A Ford pickup truck crashed into the garage section of a house on Stowe Lane in Howell Wednesday, forcing the evacuation of 14 people.
The crash knocked the gas line from the home, and gas was heard coming from the severed line. Due to the risk, crews evacuated people who lived on Stowe Lane in the vicinity of the crash.
Residents who live in the area were asked to go to Howell Town Hall until officials secured the area. New Jersey Natural Gas crews shut off the line and went home to home checking levels to make sure it was safe before residents returned.
A pickup truck crashed into a home on Stowe Lane in Howell on Wednesday, Jan. 3, 2024. (Photo: Jim Murdoch/News 12 New Jersey)
“From our initial investigation, it appears that the person who was operating the vehicle hit the accelerator pedal, struck the vehicle, then struck the house before they realized they were in drive," Howell Police Capt. Paul Mazzeo says.
The home will need extensive repairs to fix the damage. Inspectors will determine if the home is safe for the residents to be inside while repairs are made.
The five people who live in the home struck by the truck were inside at the time, but no one was hurt.  
Police gave the driver of the truck two summonses following the crash.