How can you keep your holiday deliveries safe from 'porch pirates'?

With plenty of packages sure to be making their way to your doorstep this holiday season, how can you stop porch pirates from taking off with them?
This year, the United States Postal Service projects 800 million package deliveries between Thanksgiving and New Year's Eve. According to transportation experts, 15% of all deliveries in urban areas fail to reach customers on the first attempt due to package theft or other issues.
Because of that, a growing number of online retailers are offering in-store pickup or ship-to-store options.
But for those who still have online gifts heading to their door, there are a few steps to follow for your safety.
First, sign up for delivery updates. The UPS "My Choice" program sends updates and drop-off times to keep packages from sitting outside.
No. 2: Redirect packages to your office instead of your home address -- just make sure your employer is OK with that.
No. 3: Pick up your package at a facility. Even if your packages don't need a signature, you can request they get held at the facility so they don't get left on your stoop.
Finally, pick it up instead. Amazon Locker Delivery, package concierge and UPS Access Point all allow packages to be sent to a secure location. Also, many retailers offer free shipping directly to a nearby store.