Hottest tech items hard to come by as chip, supply shortages linger

Like many other items this year, the top tech gifts will be hard to come by for the holidays.
A chip shortage, along with supply shortages, shipping issues and high holiday demand means that finding the newest gaming consoles and smart devices will be even harder to come by than usual.
Shopper Dan Lynch was trying to find the Sony PS5 without having much luck.
"And you have to try and follow people on Twitter…who have the ins with the leads of when they are going to restock," Lynch says. "It's hard even doing that."
Technology expert Lance Ulanoff says he is already hearing about certain tech items being delayed and he says it can be extremely difficult to find them on Black Friday and Cyber Monday.
He says some stores have waiting lists and others are letting members have the first shipments that come in.
Ulanoff says people who want the hottest tech items will need to be patient and persistent.
For those who want a particular item for the holidays, it will be important to shop early.