Holy Name Health CEO, family members contract coronavirus

Holy Name Health CEO Mike Maron and his wife and son have all been quarantined after contracting the coronavirus.
Maron spoke with News 12 New Jersey last week about the virus and what health care workers would be facing. Maron spoke once again to News 12’s Eric Landskroner about his experience having contracted the illness.
Maron said that his symptoms were not typical of what others may experience.
“Never really developed a high fever. Never really had respiratory distress. I had [gastrointestinal problems],” Maron said. “For a while I thought I had a bad sinus infection. It was the fatigue that finally tipped the scale. When I had no energy whatsoever, and that, for us, was the most defining symptom.”
Maron said that he did not suspect that he was sick when he spoke to News 12 last week.
“I never get sick. I had that slight arrogance, I thought, ‘Not me.’ I had too much to do and I just never get sick,” he said. “But it came on and came on like a freight train. I had no idea until late last week. And then my staff said, ‘We have to test you. You have to self-isolate and self-quarantine.”
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Maron said that it was unsettling and scary for him when he found out that he did have the virus, especially due to the fact that some who get sick are put into the ICU or on a ventilator.
“I fear the most for my wife. My son’s strong, but my wife had to be very concerned and feeling horrible that my foolishness put her in harm’s way. So, lessons learned and hopefully a lesson for everybody else. You really have to take this very seriously and take others’ health responsibly.”
There are currently 3,675 cases of COVID-19 in New Jersey. Officials say that 44 people have died.