Hoboken resident begins effort to help pay for Ukrainian refugees’ rent

Many New Jersey residents are helping the people of Ukraine by donating clothing, medical supplies and money. But a new effort in Hudson County is working to provide refugees escaping the war a safe place to live.
The city of Hoboken raised the Ukrainian flag last week, and now they are raising money to pay the rent for Ukrainian refugees in Poland.
The idea surfaced when Hoboken resident Marla Decker heard from a friend whose family in Bialystok, Poland was housing refugees.
“We asked them what they need and what they identified was that they need to get these people streaming into their city, into homes. And people in Hoboken, we understand that’s rent, that is money,” Decker says.
Rent for Refugees is now working with the city, the Hoboken Relief Fund and a group called Welcome Home Jersey City – another group set up to help refugees who have come to New Jersey. They are also in touch with Bialystok-based organizations to find furnished apartments and pay six months of rent for at least 10 families.
The groups are hoping to raise at least $27,000. If more is collected, they will expand the effort.
Donations can be made at the Welcome Home website.