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Hoboken reduces city speed limit to 20 mph in effort to reduce traffic-related deaths

Hoboken has reduced the city’s speed limit to 20 mph - down from 25 mph.

News 12 Staff

Sep 14, 2022, 11:54 PM

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Hoboken has reduced the city’s speed limit to 20 mph - down from 25 mph.
Officials say that this is part of an effort to eliminate all traffic-related deaths by 2030.
Crews spent Wednesday replacing the speed limit signs and repainting markings on the street.
They will also install “feedback signs” which tell drivers how fast they are going.
Officials say many drivers don’t realize how fast they are driving, especially when entering the town.
The Hoboken City Council approved the speed limit change a few weeks ago. They expect it to reduce the likelihood of crashes and reduce the severity of ones that can’t be avoided.
"These investments are ensuring the infrastructure is always going to try and prevent any of these types of crashes from happening. We have the data, and we just need to focus on that data and drive resources in those directions,” says Council member Emily Jabbour.
Officials say they hope to have all the signage updated and/or installed by the end of the week.
The city is working with the Public Safety Department on an education campaign before they start issuing tickets.
The Hoboken public safety director says police will start doing radar enforcement with Hudson County - on some of the longer straightaways as another way to enforce speed limits.
More information about the traffic safety program can be found HERE.

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