Hoboken official defends pedestrian safety campaign after criticism from former mayor

A Hoboken city councilwoman is defending the city’s pedestrian safety campaign after former Mayor Dawn Zimmer tweeted some criticism about the council.
Former Hoboken Mayor Dawn Zimmer retweeting a post about how vehicle speed can impact pedestrian fatalities in crashes, adding, "it would be great if Hoboken council members would focus more on legislation to stop speeding and drunk drivers that kill instead of scooters."
But Councilwoman Tiffanie Fisher says that she finds the comment short-sighted and a little insulting.
“Pedestrian safety is the No. 1 issue in Hoboken and so many people are focused on it,” Fisher says.
Fisher says that she felt that Zimmer’s tweet was directed toward her.
"Primarily because I've been the biggest vocal advocate about our scooter program, not only publicly, at the city council, in writing, but on Twitter in particular,” she says.
Fisher says that there is room to focus on all aspects of pedestrian safety.
"Everyone needs to do more, so we can't look at just scooters, we can't look at just drunk driving, we need to look at everything,” she says.
Fisher says she played a large part in having a stop sign placed at a troubled intersection in the city four years ago. But she says what will have the biggest impact here in Hoboken is creating a culture of safety, but that this takes time.
"The cars don't own the roads, the bicycles, the e-scooters, the pedestrians…everyone's got to follow the law as best as possible,” says Hoboken Police Chief Ken Ferrante.
Hoboken Mayor Ravi Bhalla points to the city's "Vision Zero" campaign, saying that safety is the city’s No. 1 priority.
Zimmer was not available to be interviewed for this story, saying "sorry I was not available, but I think my tweet speaks for itself."