Hoboken mayor signs gender neutral public restroom order

The mayor of Hoboken signed an executive order Wednesday declaring gender equality in public bathrooms.
All city-owned, single-occupancy restrooms will become gender neutral by the end of May, under Mayor Ravi Bhalla’s order. Gender-neutral bathrooms are unisex public toilets that any gender or gender identity are welcomed to use.
Mayor Bhalla says that he wants to expand the executive order even further.
"I am proposing a city law, which will take the substance of the executive order that I will sign today and make this the law of the land for the entire city of Hoboken for all single-occupancy restrooms in our city,” Bhalla said.
Under Bhalla’s proposed expansion, all public and private businesses offering restrooms would be required to make single-occupancy restrooms gender neutral.
Hoboken city employees will now receive training on transgender diversity and inclusion. The changes announced Wednesday should be in place by June 1, which begins LGBT Pride Month.