Hoboken crews to begin removing large piles of snow around city

Crews in Hoboken will soon begin removing large mounds of snow that have accumulated around the city following Monday’s nor’easter.
The piles have come from crews previously plowing the city’s streets and parking lots. Some of these piles have grown to be more than 6 feet tall.
Hoboken OEM Coordinator Sgt. William Montane tells News 12 New Jersey that removing the snow piles is the third step for removing snow around the city. First the streets are plowed, then snow is cleared away from intersections and along the curbs, and lastly, the piles of snow are cleared away.
In addition to making sure the streets and sidewalks are safe for drivers and pedestrians, clearing the snow away will also free up space for outdoor dining, which has become increasingly important for business owners during the COVID-19 pandemic.