Hoboken children take to Stevens Park sledding hill to enjoy a snow day

Parents in Hoboken spent the morning digging out of several inches of snow, but then it was time for parents and children to go enjoy the snow day.
News 12 New Jersey's Marci Rubin says that it took less than an hour to dig out her own car in Hoboken after what was left behind by snowplows.
Across the street was Frank Price who works for a building management company. He offered up his own advice for snow shoveling.
“Get someone to do it. Pay $10-$15 and get the guy to do it,” Price says.
City and county crews did a good job of clearing away the snow from the roadways. Washington Street – one of Hoboken’s main thoroughfares – was snow-free by the afternoon.
And when all of the hard work and labor of clearing away the snow was done, it was time to play. Snowmen were seen all over Hoboken, and many of the city’s kids went to Stevens Park for sledding.
“With the whole pandemic, you have to enjoy one day,” said says Alex Garcia.
Garcia says that he has lived in New Jersey for years and says that the hill in Stevens Park is the best for sledding.