Hindu population increases in Westchester, leads to more businesses and diversity in area

Westchester is in the middle of seeing its Hindu population increase, and it's leading to more business and diversity in the area.
One Hindu restaurant owner tells News 12 he's seen his business take a big leap forward as more Hindus have established roots.
"I opened my first Indian restaurant in 1993," Jagadish Mitter said. Mitter owns and runs Royal Palace Indian Restaurant in White Plains. "In those times there were very few Indians out here."
Mitter is a big part of the Hindu community -- he is also president of Hindu Temple of Tristate -- and says he has also opened several more businesses because of the boom he's seen. Not only that, he's played a part in funding and opening the temple for the community.
"We want to make sure our kids learn our culture, like every community does," Mitter acknowledged. "We want our kids to grow up in the culture."
"We are seeing a lot of growth," added Amol Inamdar, Hindu Swayamsevak Sangh.
Inamdar says Hindus are increasingly moving to Westchester for the good schools and diversity. His group also recently held a forum to raise awareness about Hindus.
"This event was one of the ways to raise awareness of the Hindu way of life and the Hindu contributions to the community at large," he said.
The Hindu Temple of Tristate is set to officially open in July.