Highlights from News 12’s ‘Ask Gov. Murphy’ Q&A

News 12 New Jersey was flooded with questions for the return of “Ask the Governor,” featuring the state’s newest governor, Phil Murphy.
While it was impossible to ask every questions submitted, some themes emerged. 
A few hot button topics, such as property taxes and the new GOP tax overhaul, were the focus of many viewers’ concerns. 
Murphy said his administration is pursuing several avenues when it comes to tackling how much New Jersey residents can write-off on their federal taxes.
“We're pursuing several avenues, along with other states. We're challenging the constitutionality and legality of it. We think it's double taxation, but secondly, we're trying to find other creative solutions that can take what used to be deductible - property taxes over $10,000 - and re-characterize them into other buckets that are still deductible. So one area we are pursuing aggressively is to re-characterize property tax payments as charitable contributions,” the governor said.
Even though Murphy said there is precedent there, Republicans both here and in neighboring states said it's a long shot that the IRS would allow it.  
Another popular topics was the legalization of recreational marijuana and the expansion of medical marijuana.
“People talk about all the revenues and the jobs that can be created and that's all true, but that's not the reason to do it. The reason to pursue this is for social justice,” Murphy said.
Murphy also touched on the immigration debate being waged on Capitol Hill, specifically when it comes to “Dreamers.”
“The progress that's been made as it results to dreamers is embarrassing. I think tying the dreamers’ fate - kids who came here not because they made the call, but because their parents made the call to come here, who have grown up, gone to school, who are employed, who are every bit as American as my four kids - they're being held hostage,” the governor said.
Many other topics were discussed during Tuesday night’s show. The program will re-air on News 12 New Jersey at 10 a.m. Sunday, and can be watch in its entirety HERE.