Heavy rain expected this weekend brings about fears of potential flooding around the state

Coastal flooding will be a threat, urban area flooding too and then of course river flooding.

Ali Reid

Mar 23, 2024, 12:22 AM

Updated 22 days ago


Communities in low-lying areas near major waterways are preparing for possible flooding. Residents and local business owners are looking ahead to Saturday’s storm.
The storm will bring plenty of rain - along with strong winds that could ultimately lead to power outages and major flooding.
Coastal flooding will be a threat, including urban area and river flooding.
“We have never really seen a year like this. We are only in March-- and we've had several storms and we've had serious situations with flooding in Paterson,” said Mayor Andre Sayegh.
Paterson has seen several rescues - and devastating damage to homes and businesses in past storms.
To get ahead of Saturday, Sayegh says the city is taking a proactive approach.
“Families have been notified, barricades are already out in areas where we anticipate closures,” the mayor said.
Similar measures are taking place in Fairfield, Essex County.
“We are actually staging barrels and cones,” said Stacy Chiarolanza, with the Fairfield Police Department. “We're ready to drag those barrels out…close the road and go from there.”
Emergency management services across the region will continue to keep a watchful eye as the weather moves in.

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