Heavy rain, burst pipe cause flooding conditions inside 2 Paterson homes

Monday’s weather worsened already concerning conditions in Paterson for two families whose backyards and basements flooded after a sink hole was made worse by a burst pipe.
The sink hole formed on Linwood Avenue. The families living in the two homes say that this has been a problem for several months and that every time it rains, it gets worse.
"This is not one family affected. This is multiple families that have lived here for years affected by those who pay taxes, who pay mortgages, who work hard every day, to be affected by something that the town says is ‘not my problem.’ Ridiculous. Absolutely ridiculous,” says resident Melissa Pilar.
Resident Jasmine Deleon says that her family can hear the ground moving under her home.
“Today we feel the most discouraged and frustrated by this because we can even hear the tumbling rocks under the house, trembling the house. So, you would be in the middle of doing something and you have no idea what's going on under the house,” she says.
The Pilar and Deleon families say that around 1 p.m. Monday there was at least 3 inches of water in their backyards.
It was unclear which town is responsible for making the repairs. It could be Paterson or Wayne Township, which has a construction site up the street which may have affected a burst pipe.
The Pilar family says that they will have to wait until Thursday to get a report from Paterson officials.