Heavy rains bring flooding to parts of the state

Heavy rain and thunderstorms brought flooding to several areas of the state Friday.
There was flooding on the New Jersey Turnpike in the area of Carteret and Woodbridge and also on the Garden State Parkway in Woodbridge. The flooding caused major traffic issues. Snowplows were even brought in to move some of the water.
Some News 12 New Jersey viewers sent photos of flooding on Route 1 near Parsonage Road in Edison.
News 12 also received a video clip of crews rescuing drivers from flooded out cars by boat in Perth Amboy.
The parking lots of Menlo Park Mall and Woodbridge Center mall saw some flooding.
The National Weather Service issued a flash flood warning for parts of the state through the evening.
Meteorologist Dave Curren says that Friday's storms brought over 5 inches of rain to the state. The storms are expected to clear by Saturday morning.