Health officials: Over 140 confirmed cases of deadly fungus in NJ as outbreak continues to spread

Health officials say a deadly fungus known as Candida auris is spreading in New Jersey, with over 140 confirmed cases.
The New Jersey Department of Health states that there are 141 confirmed cases of the fungus across the state, as well as 22 probable cases – as of Sept. 30. Authorities did not list the locations of these cases.
The Centers for Disease and Control says the fungus, also referred to as C. auris, is resistant to all three available classes of anti-fungal medicines. The infection is usually found in health care facilities, particularly in long-term acute care hospitals and nursing homes that take care of patients on ventilators. It is resistant to all antifungal medications.
Patients can carry the fungus on their bodies even if it is not making them sick.
Symptoms may include fever and chills that do not improve with antibiotic medicine. The CDC says that only a lab test can diagnose a C. auris infection. The CDC also about 25% of C. auris patients die.
A report states there are 806 confirmed cases of C. auris in the U.S.
Anyone who thinks that they may have been exposed to the fungus should contact their local health department and the New Jersey Department of Health Communicable Disease Service at 609-826-5964.