Have snow day cabin fever? How about some retro fun?

Most schools in New Jersey were closed for a snow day Tuesday, leaving many children without much to do.
Tuesday’s storm was mostly rain and ice and not much snow for children to go sledding or make snowmen, so parents had to find something else for their children to do.
Many parents found solace at Yestercades retro arcade in Westfield
“Rather than drive mom nuts inside, we’re gonna have fun right here,” said Westfield resident Cushla Hall.
Rather than sit at home all day on the couch playing Fortnite, many kids at the arcade were able to try out some video games that were before their time.
Yestercades features such games as Pac Man, Frogger, Whack-a-Mole, Dance Dance Revolution and a host of others. Extra employees were even brought in due to the number of people at the arcade.
“Usually it’s just me,” says Tim Knipe of Yestercades. “Today we called in Mike, one of our other workers, to help weather the storm…no pun intended.”
Many indoor gyms and facilities for younger kids were closed Tuesday because of the inclement weather.
Most schools are expected to reopen Wednesday.