Have a tip? Contact Kane in your Corner

If you have a story tip you can call or email Kane in your Corner:
732-738-KANE (5263)
We understand that you may have highly sensitive information and want to reach us confidentially. Here are some ways you can contact us confidentially. 
Encrypted Email: More secure. Doing it right requires some technical expertise.
File Drop: (http://bit.ly/1n1vz5i): You can send files too big to email. If you use VPN to hide your IP address, we won’t know where it came from, so please include some way for us to contact you.
Encrypted Messaging:  Highly secure and easy to use. Offers voice and text communication with no metadata saved. Walt and producer Karin Attonito have accounts with Signal and Wickr. We prefer Signal, but you’d need to know one of our cell phone numbers. If not, you can look us up on Wickr.