Halloween isn’t over: Black cat makes its way onto field during Giants/Cowboys game

Game play during the Giants and Cowboys Monday Night Football game was briefly interrupted when a spooky black cat made its way onto the MetLife Stadium field.
The cat scampered on the field during a Giants drive in the second quarter and forced referee Clay Martin to delay the game for few minutes while workers at MetLife Stadium and a couple of New Jersey State Troopers herded the feline toward the end zone away from the players.
“We’ve gone from seeing ghosts to black cats now on Monday Night Football,” said one of the game’s announcers – a reference to Jets quarterback Sam Darnold who said he was “seeing ghosts” after a bad loss to the Patriots earlier this season.
“If the Cowboys’ season doesn’t go the way it was expected to, blame [the cat],” another announcer said.
Black cats are known superstitiously to cause bad luck if one crosses a black cat’s path.
The cat did not depart right away. There was a point where the animal was directed into the corner of the end zone and then sprinted across the end line to a camera platform.
For a second, the cat jumped on the platform and then sprang out. It finished its run along the end line before running up the tunnel to the cheers of the big crowd.
Gameplay resumed soon after the cat ran off the field.
The Associated Press wire services contributed to this report.