Hackensack pet store set to close after 68 years

A Hackensack pet shop that has been in business nearly seven decades is set to close at the end of the month.
The owners of Kazimir's Pet Shop on Anderson Road say that for 68 years the shop has done more than just sell pet supplies, they have also helped train generations of pet owners how to care for their animals.
“We've been around for many years helping many customers with all types of pets,” says owner Bob Kazimir. “We have a lot of memories."
Kazimir says that his father first opened the shop in 1950. But he says that he can no longer complete against big box pet stores and online shopping outlets.
“We just can’t survive anymore. We should have done it years ago, but we held on,” he says.
Kazimir, who runs the shop with his daughter Karen, says that there are still a few pets left like guinea pigs, rabbits, reptiles and fish. He says that he is not worried about selling them all before the shop closes. But he says he is worried about who is going to help others learn about animals.
“All these websites and all these stores aren't going to tell people how to breed a canary or how to take care of tropical fish. We do a service here of boarding their pets, small pets,” says Kazimir.
Kazimir says he has to be out of the building by April 30. He says that he will enjoy his retirement once the business shuts down. He daughter is changing careers to become a nurse.