Group struggles to raise money for 9/11 memorial

A group trying to raise money for a memorial to first responders killed in the Sept. 11 attacks says that they are having trouble obtaining the funds.
The memorial will include a piece of steel from the World Trade Center that was given to the EMS Council of New Jersey seven years ago. That steel is currently sitting in Paul Kennedy’s garage at his home in Keansburg.
“It's an honor and privilege that the Port Authority gave us a piece, because there's only 1,700 pieces around the world,” Kennedy says.
EMS Council of New Jersey President Joe Walsh says that plans were in place to build the memorial to the 55 EMS first responders and two rescue dogs who died in the attacks. The monument is to be built on Beachway Avenue in Keansburg, with a view of the New York City skyline. But he says that funding came up short.
“We did a groundbreaking for it, we got it together. And then we had to go and find the funding. And that's where we are right now. We're trying to get the money together for this,” Walsh says.
So far $17,000 has been raised, but Walsh says that it is a $100,000 project. A GoFundMe Page has been set up, but donations have been slow.
“This is what we need to do to memorialize the ones who died. Because they ran, just like firemen, into the building. And didn't come out, unfortunately,” says Kennedy.
Kennedy says that the piece of steel from the World Trade Center will remain in his garage until the memorial is built.
“Hopefully Sept. 11, 2019 it will be on the Keansburg beach, installed in direct line with the new World Trade Center,” Kennedy says.