Group recommends closing Teterboro Airport due to rising sea levels

One planning group is recommending closing Teterboro Airport and shift its flights to the region’s three major airports due to rising sea levels.
The Regional Plan Association says their plan would shift all Teterboro flights primarily to LaGuardia Airport.
Along with that, there'd be expansion at both Newark Liberty International Airport and JFK International Airport to absorb the extra traffic at LaGuardia. 
Their plan involves building a new runway and midfield concourse at Newark airport, as well as improving the airport's connection to passenger rail.
Their plan also envisions two new runways at JFK airport, where terminals would be expanded, consolidated and connected.
The group says Teterboro Airport will become too expensive to maintain with rising sea levels and in 20 to 30 years, the runways will be under water.
The group recommends spending more than $50 billion over 40 years to make the changes.