Gross! ‘Worm-nado’ takes over section of Hoboken sidewalk

Worms are taking over a section of Hoboken, much to the horror of some on social media.
Hundreds of worms – both alive and dead – were found spread out on Sinatra Drive near Maxwell Place.
The creepy-crawlers forced many pedestrians, scooter riders and dog walkers to have to navigate around them.
Pictures posted on social media seem to show the worms in a type of “tornado” formation after a recent bout of rain this week.
News 12 New Jersey was unable to find a worm expert to explain the phenomenon. But people on social media speculated that the worms got lost finding their way back into the soil after the rain and apparently formed herds to travel back into the ground.
Coincidently, this weekend’s moon is known as the “Worm Moon” because earthworms begin to appear as the soil warms in the spring.