Great Kindness Challenge: Gregory Elementary School in West Orange

The Great Kindness Challenge week continues in West Orange, and one of the challenges students at Gregory Elementary School are asked to complete is to thank a first responder.
Students went above and beyond, even teaching members of the West Orange Fire Department to ‘floss.’
It's the fifth year the school has been participating in the challenge, which they say is an integral part of their anti-bullying initiatives.
"It’s nice to just be nice to someone,” says fifth-grader Jayden Jules. “Since it’s a challenge and it’s a little competitive for kids, it's fun."
"We wanted to find a way to get the community to support what's going on in the school,” says School Counselor Sarah McIntosh. “It's not just the teachers telling you to be kind and role modeling that behavior, but that other people in the community value it just as much as we do.”
Meantime, Tulsa Trail in Hopatcong rocked kindness week, 80s style!
To celebrate their kind efforts, students and staff dressed in 80s gear on the 80 day of school.
Students were encouraged to keep track of their acts of kindness at home and write them down on their kindness chart.
In total, Tulsa Trail students performed 835 acts of kindness over the course of eight days.
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