Gov. Murphy: Guidance for 2020 schools, parents should come in next few weeks

There is no timetable yet for schools in regard to the upcoming school year, but according to Gov. Phil Murphy, that could change pretty soon.
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State leaders, the Department of Education and Department of Health are all talking about what back to school will look like in 2020, whenever that will be. The guidance for schools and parents should come in the next few weeks.
Gov. Murphy announced Monday his three-stage plan to get New Jersey to its "new normal,” and included in the plan was an outline for education. But no exact timetables were given for how long time would be spent at each stage.
New Jersey is currently in stage one. Grades K through 12, and all higher education, must participate in distance learning.
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Stage two has the potential for some in-person learning, with modifications -- that goes for the regular academic year and summer school.
In stage three, all schools can resume in-person learning, with some sort of reduced capacity. But in order to reach "the new normal," there must be a vaccine, which the governor does not see happening any time soon.
"There won't be a vaccine by the time we go back to school,” says Gov. Murphy. “So, we can take that off the table, and if I'm wrong, I'll be the happiest guy in New Jersey, maybe in America."
Schools were initially ordered to close by the governor back in March, and earlier this month, they were instructed to stay closed for the rest of the academic year.