Google to stop ads based on web browsing amid privacy, security concerns

Amid privacy and security concerns, Google announced that it will not develop any new technology to show ads users might like based on internet searches once its current technology phases out in 2022.
Lance Ulanoff, a technology and social media expert, says the biggest change users will see once Google implements its new policy are fewer adds on apps. He says Google will continue to track people through other means.
"If you're on YouTube and you're really interested in woodworking, you might see ads for woodworking on YouTube, but that's a first-party site," he says.
Ulanoff says the change will hurt third-party companies and partners of Google more than it will hurt Google.
"Small retailers, medium-sized retailers, bigger companies that just relied on being able to sort of dump ads into the Google search results," he says.
Ulanoff says Apple is also introducing new privacy tools in an update for iOS which is expected in the coming days to crack down on what information apps can track.
Cheddar - Google Will Stop Selling Ads Based on Individual User Web Browsing