Good news for commuters: The Edgewater ferry service is resuming, with a new stop

Good news for commuters -- another ferry is back in service, and not only is service resuming from Edgewater, but commuters are also getting a new stop.
It all starts today. New York Waterway is resuming its ferry service from Edgewater to midtown and now also to downtown -- the newly added stop for the Edgewater Ferry Service.
"We are thrilled to bring back our Edgewater ferry and welcome back both longtime riders and new customers considering commuting by ferry for the first time,” says Armand Pohan, president of New York Waterway.
The ferries will run every 40 minutes from the Edgewater ferry landing. Midtown customers will stop at Port Imperial to transfer to the midtown ferry, and for the new downtown commute, the ferries continue into downtown.
It’s a great option for anyone ready to experience New York City again in our new normal. Edgewater Mayor Michael McPartland is encouraging that.
"Let's all get on a ferry and go to work, go to dinner, see a Broadway show, or just walk around taking in all of the sights, sounds, and smells of New York City, and then take a ferry back to Edgewater, the world's greatest small town."
The mayor of Fort Lee has confirmed the city will continue to provide free bus service to and from the Edgewater ferry landing.