Goldman Sachs: Supermarket prices will increase up to 6% this year

Goldman Sachs says we are paying as much as 5-6% more on groceries already, and it estimates we'll pay another 5-6% more this year on groceries.
Goldman Sachs also says this Super Bowl season to expect to pay at least 20% more on some party foods.
Dennis Smalie, of Colonia, is dodging the costs by going to a friend's house this Sunday.
"They've gone up in the last year and a half,” says Smalie. “Slowly but steadily and they keep on rising. There's nothing you can do about it. I'm going out to another person's house, so I just bring something along, maybe some beer or wine or something like that because I know how much money it costs for them to lay out everything. I'll see if I can help."
Wells Fargo estimates it'll cost as much as 8-14% more than it did last year to throw a Super Bowl party. The bank also recommends checking different brands from what you typically buy to see if those prices have remained stable or have even gone down.