Going big: Laura Alvarez highlights the Bronx through art

She's an illustrator, community activist, designer  - and the artist behind some of the colorful murals across the Bronx.
News 12 is highlighting Laura Alvarez as part of the celebration of Hispanic Heritage Month.
She told News 12's Elly Morillo that some of her passion is fueled by from the connection that people make with her art. She says she enjoys making words into a tangible image as a way for the viewer to make their own interpretations.
But before painting, she says she pursued a career in graphic design for nearly nine years.
"I found graphic design by mistake. I never knew that existed, I loved it, I did graphic design for at least nine years and then I came to the Bronx," said Alvarez.
In the borough, she found a passion for painting, creating murals and starting art workshops for teens.
One of the murals Alvarez created can be found on Gun Hill Road. She says she never could have imagined a project so big being completed.
"I don't like to work small…I like big paintings with big drawings and big everything,” she said.
She is currently working on a top-secret project that she can't wait to tell the Bronx community. She’s also expecting the arrival of her baby girl in November.