‘Godfather of Funk’ George Clinton to play in hometown of Newark Friday at NJPAC

George Clinton, the Grammy Award winning "Godfather of Funk" behind Parliament and Funkadelic, is returning to his hometown of Newark this Friday night for a concert at New Jersey Performing Arts Center.
News 12’s Carissa Lawson had the opportunity to interview Clinton, and he says working with newer hip-hop like artists such as Snoop Dog and Doctor Dre has given him street cred with his grandkids, who are now in their own funkadelic band that he's promoting while on tour.
He also says Avon Elementary in Newark, where he went to school, will rename their music room after him while he's there.
Also happening Thursday, the town of Plainfield, where he worked for many years and where his Funkadelic band members are from, will have Passaic Street renamed after him. 
He says while both honors are special, going back to where it all started for him in Newark gets him emotional.
"We actually started the group there, practiced there, all of those streets," says Clinton. "Bergen Street, Chadwick Avenue, Seymour Avenue -- we weren't a band then we were a vocal group du-wop singing love songs."
Tickets are still available to see George Clinton at NJPAC. After the concert, enjoy the dance party in NJPAC's grand lobby as well.