Officials: Glen Ridge crossing guard catches teen breaking in car leading to police foot chase

Police say an officer chased Kelvin Ollennu on foot on Bloomfield Avenue.

Lanette Espy

Nov 17, 2023, 11:05 AM

Updated 220 days ago


Officials say a Glen Ridge crossing guard caught a thief in the act and contacted police to report a burglary they were observing.
Kelvin Ollennu, 18, of East Orange, was seen running away from a broken car window, according to police. They say a patrol officer in the area also heard a car alarm going off and chased Ollennu who ran away. Police say the officer chased Ollennu to the front of the stores at 710 Bloomfield Ave. and then across Bloomfield Avenue.
Ollennu was caught near Clark Street and arrested shortly after, police say. He was charged with resisting arrest, theft, burglary to auto and criminal mischief.
During an investigation, officials say they found stolen items from the car.

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