Giants star Daniel Jones supports Jericho QB on his cancer journey

Jericho High School quarterback Brandt Morgan has battled cancer, listeria, neuropathy and a case of appendicitis. He proved people wrong by coming back to play this season, and now he's making another comeback with some help from the New York Giants.
Brandt's right leg is in a brace and his left knee is bandaged, but he says he's got "recovery" down to a science. He's been through a two-year battle with lymphoma, including treatment with a heavy dose of steroids. The steroids helped his strength but attacked the bones in his right knee. He underwent another surgery Dec. 29 to replace those bones with bones taken from his pelvis and left knee.
"When it comes to this, I keep telling myself I have been through worse obviously," he says. "I just learned that anything can get thrown at you at any given moment, and if you get dealt a bad card you just got to play it out and win the hand."
Brandt's toughness earned him the Heart of a Giant award from the Giants last year. It also earned him a surprise phone call from Giants quarterback Daniel Jones last week.
"I was like this is crazy ... how is this even happening right now?" he says.
For five minutes, Brandt and Daniel talked football and about Brandt's journey. The quarterbacks talked about proving naysayers wrong.
"What I did doesn't even compare to what you've done," Jones told Brandt.
Jones ended the call by inviting Brandt for a visit when he's back on his feet.
"I hope the recovery goes well and the pain subsides a bit," Jones said.
Brandt says the boost he got from that call will help.
"Getting a call from Daniel Jones? I don't think anything will beat that for quite some time," says Brandt.
Brandt is expected to make a full recovery from his latest surgery and could be officially cancer-free on March 23.