Freehold Township girls sew hospital gowns for children battling cancer

A group of young girls from Freehold Township is using their sewing skills for a good cause.
Giuliana Demma, 12, learned how to sew two years ago over the summer during the pandemic. One of her projects was sewing a Disney-themed gown for her 9-month-old cousin who was battling cancer. Seeing her cousin’s face light up after receiving the gift remains a treasured memory for Demma.
Two years later, she taught her friends and little sister the art of sewing and helping others.
“I remembered the hospital gowns were bland colors, so I wanted to make special hospital gowns for kids like her in the hospital,” said Demma.
“I think it’s a really good cause because they are going to children with cancer so I thought it would be a good cause to do,” said Demma’s friend Julia Clamia.
The material and shipping costs for the gowns are covered by donations. Image First laundry in Clifton sanitizes and bags the gowns before they are delivered to hospitals.
More information about "G's Giving Gowns" can be found HERE.