Freehold church holds services after vandals destroyed historic pipe organ

A congregation in Freehold joined together for Sunday services less than a week after their church was vandalized.
The First United Methodist Church of Freehold held its first service in about five decades without its fully assembled pipe organ.
The organ was dismantled by intruders Tuesday night. The church was able to repair and clean most of the organ thanks to help from the congregation and the community.
"A lot of people really care about pipe organs," says Pastor Wil Wilson. "I'm really feeling it, feeling the love and support of the community and just random strangers around the country."
The organ consists of 700 pipes, most of which are just decorative. It is mostly functional and was able to be used during the service.
Pastor Wilson says the church will pray for whoever was desperate enough to do this to their sanctuary.
It is believed that the vandals got in through an open door.
Freehold police are continuing to search for suspects in the case.
The congregation will receive aide from other churches around the country to help replace the damaged pipes.