Free masks now available for NJ residents - but do people want them?

As mask mandates are being eased across the state, those free N95 masks promised to us by the federal government are now available.
Did you get yours? Do you still even want one?
"We got them last weekend and finished about 150 already,” said Bino Chandy, a pharmacist in charge at Medicine Man Pharmacy. “Three per customer. We have about 1,000 masks in stock. Anyone who can come here, we are happy to give them a mask.”
Last month, the Biden administration announced it would provide three N95 masks to all Americans free of charge by getting them to people through pharmacies involved in the federal vaccination program. Medicine Man in Hoboken is one of them.
Chandy tells News 12 that even with masks possibly not being required, people should grab them anyway. She says people want to have the highly protective N95 for travel, health care visits or just in case.
"The regular mask or cloth mask or surgical mask won't give enough protection with Omicron,” added Chandy. “If you are on plane trip, going to hospital or crowded areas, still you must wear the mask. Especially an N95 or KN95.”
"You don't know what's going to happen in the next few years," said shopper Saraisa Hernandez. “Just to have it in back of the closet to remember.”
To pick up your free N95 masks, pharmacies are suggesting calling ahead first. Not every pharmacy has as many in stock. Some ran out and others still waiting for shipments.