For a good cause: 2 NJ breweries participate in effort to help victims of Australian bushfires

Two New Jersey breweries are doing their part to help the victims of the Australian bush fires.
King’s Road in Haddonfield and Jersey Cyclone in Somerset are part of a joint effort organized by Sierra Nevada to all brew the same beer – Resilience – the proceeds of which will go to Australia. There are 200 breweries in all participating worldwide.
"We have just felt very fortunate that we get to do this product of passion. Making beers - that's a fun and passionate thing to do. So, when we have an opportunity to help others we said, ‘Absolutely,’" says King’s Road co-owner Bob Hochgertel.
All the breweries are using the same recipe to make the beer – a light and crisp pale ale. Hochgertel says that he has a connection to Australia, so he was glad to be able to participate.
“Some of our dearest friends live in Australia. They used to live in Haddonfield and he got transferred to Brisbane,” Hochgertel says. “They’ve been there for about five of six years, so while they are not directly affected by it, it’s all around them.”
Each brewery could choose a charity of their choice related to the Australian brushfires where the proceeds from the beer will go. King’s Road chose two different charities.
“Fifty-percent of the profits will go to the Australian Red Cross and 50% will go to WIRES, which is a wildlife rescue organization,” Hochgertel says.
King’s Road brewed seven barrels of the beer, which is about 217 gallons. The beer is now on tap at the brewery.
Jersey Cyclone says that the brewery will release Resilience on Friday.