Food truck operators in Jersey City must now pay parking fee following complaints

Food truck operators in Jersey City must now pay to park in certain designated areas.
In places such as Journal Square, the cost is about $40 per day, but in prime business spots – costs can be up to $200 per day.
The trucks had been allowed to park free in the past, but many restaurant owners complained, and the city is now trying to encourage more brick and mortar restaurants and development.
The folks at Milano's Deli on Montgomery Street believe the fee is more than fair.
"The $200 a day is fine,” says Debra Mazzarese. “It's prime property, what do they expect to park there for nothing? I mean my rent is high, competition is high and it is what it is. It's 2019. I've been here 30 years and I'm not going to be put out by a food truck."

Today is also the first day food trucks cannot park on Grand Street in the waterfront block, but Mazzarese says, considering the amount of taxes and rent she and other restaurant owners have paid over the years, it just makes sense.