Flying anytime soon? Newark Liberty International Airport sees better customer ratings, survey says

There's good news for people flying out of Newark Liberty International Airport -- the airport is seeing better customer ratings, according to new survey by Airports Council International.
Whether it's ease of travel, security or technology upgrades -- travelers gave the airport better reviews than in previous years. People reported being happier with the airport's services than they were two years ago.
"It's improving,” says Jeff Reiger, of Highlands, New York. “I mean, I've flown out of here since I came to New York from Seattle. This is my main airport to get to and from Seattle, and I would say yeah, it's improving."
The survey found people believe the airport is much cleaner, which is important because many people are traveling for the first time since the pandemic hit.
"It's more organized,” says Kevin Williams, of North Carolina. “It's much cleaner. It seems laid out better. It's user-friendly."
Newark saw a 5% rise in overall customer satisfaction from 2019. Travelers say one upgrade they're particularly pleased with is virtual check-ins. They say it saves a lot of time, especially when you're in a rush.
But the airport still has room for improvements. Construction is almost wrapped up on Terminal A. The Port Authority is looking to hire a planner that can oversee development for the rest of the airport.