Flood cleanup continues in South Jersey 5 days after storm

Southern New Jersey residents are still cleaning up after a powerful storm left parts of the area underwater.
The Buday family of Southampton had their home flooded out by the north branch of the Rancocas Creek. The family says that it is not just flooding they have to deal with, but a ruptured home oil tank. They say that the entire first floor of their home must be gutted and cleaned.
Orly Buday says that the family has been left exhausted after nearly a week of cleanup.
"A little disheveled, a little frustrated, a little loss of ‘What do you do next?’" she says.
The Buday home took in over 2 feet of water. Now remnants of dried mud and oil remain on the floors.
"I didn't know if our house was going to blow up. I've never experienced that,” Buday says.
The Rancocas Creek flooded due to the heavy rain Wednesday. Neighbors say that Wednesday’s storm caused the creek to overflow more than Hurricane Irene.
"Irene was a situation similar to this one. However, we did have some more warning to prepare and get some things we needed up,” says resident Stacey Capanna.
Capanna says she raised her house in 2004 after a bad storm. She says that the flooding isn't just due to heavy rain. She says that the country freeholders have been told that the creek needs to be cleared.
"A lot of the debris in the creek doesn't flow right. There's question about the new bridge that is built in Smithville Road, if that has enough clearing underneath,” she says.
Capanna says that if the creek does not get cleared, more flooding will happen.
The American Red Cross is in the area helping those who were impacted by the floods.