First lady Tammy Murphy visits Newark elementary school for Women’s History Month

A group of children in Newark had a special visit from New Jersey’s first lady.
Tammy Murphy visited Michelle Obama Elementary School on Wednesday as part of Women’s History Month.
Murphy joined the first and second graders at the school to answer questions, pose for pictures and offer some life lessons.
“I think the earlier we can expose our children to good things we all can do when we collectively work together, that’s great. It gives them something to look forward to,” she said.
“They shouldn’t wait until they are 18 to learn about voting. You should know about it now, so they understand the importance of being that voice out there in their own community,” says Principal LaShanda Gilliam.
Photos of Murphy and other high-ranking female politicians from New Jersey line the halls of the school as part of Women’s History Month.
“I understand that I think it’s important because women need to be elevated across every platform and so anything I can do in that space, I will do,” the first lady said.
Many of the students know Murphy from her Tuesday afternoon storytime sessions. The first lady reads each week to children on her social media platforms. It is a program she started at the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic.