Fire officials hold fire safety demonstration at Rutgers

Rutgers University teamed up with the New Jersey Fire Sprinkler Advisory Board Thursday to advise students on fire safety.
Students watched a live fire demonstration that showed the difference in how fires are controlled in dorm rooms outfitted with a sprinkler system.
New Jersey was the first state in the country to require all dorm rooms to be retrofitted with fire sprinklers.
"There still may be a fire with the sprinkler system activating but that fire is going to be extremely small in the room of origin and that's going to let the fire department come and also get everyone out and keep the lives and help everyone get out safe,” says NJ FSAB executive director David Kurasz.
The requirement for sprinklers came about after the Seton Hall University Boland Hall fire in 2000. Three students died in that fire. 
Officials say that since that fire, there have been no fire-related deaths in college dorm rooms in New Jersey.