Fire breaks out on roof of XXXV Gentleman’s Club, badly damaging building

A fire that broke out on the roof of a Middlesex County strip club badly damaged the building.
Officials say that the fire at Sayreville’s XXXV Gentleman’s Club on Route 35 started just before 2 p.m. Friday. Flames and black smoke could be seen shooting out of the roof of the building. Fire departments from several surrounding towns came to the scene to assist in putting out the fire.
Sayreville Fire Chief Jonathan Magaw says that because the fire started on the roof, it was difficult for firefighters to extinguish.
“We had to cut a lot of the roof up when we first got here. We actually had six or seven guys inside pulling the ceiling down, trying to attack the interior, and that came to be a little unattainable so that’s when we had to back out for the safety of our guys,” Magaw says.
No injuries were reported.
It was not immediately clear if the building will be salvageable or will need to be torn down.