‘Fern Hill’ brings drama to the theater in Long Branch

A new play in Long Branch is bringing some familiar faces to the Garden State.
"Fern Hill" is about three Baby Boomer couples gathered in a farmhouse suddenly contemplating the idea of becoming retirement roommates. The plot of the play originated from one of playwright Michael Tucker's real life conversations.
"And we got into a discussion of why don't we all find a place where we can all live together and take care of each other and have a jolly old time," Tucker said.
He says some people thought it was a terrible idea and in the "Fern Hill," the thought of friends moving in together drives a wedge between one of the couples.
The play is the latest collaboration between one of show businesses' most enduring marriages. Tucker and wife Jill Eikenberry have been married for 45 years. The two rose to fame on the TV drama "L.A. Law."
"We were surprised at how much we liked working together," Eikenberry said. "I likened it to a trapeze act. You know the catcher's going to catch you so you can try the triple."
"Fern Hill" is making its world premiere at NJ Rep in Long Branch through Sept. 9 with more performances just added.