Feds: Man whose number found on Jersey City shooter was selling weapons

A bail hearing was abruptly postponed Wednesday for a man whose number was found in the pocket of one of the attackers in last week's fatal shooting at a Jewish market in Jersey City.
The postponement came after prosecutors said they had evidence the man, Ahmed A-Hady, was selling firearms from his pawnshop. A-Hady had been prohibited from possessing any firearms because of a previous felony conviction.
A-Hady faces weapons charges and remains in federal custody. Prosecutors say that a search of the Keyport pawnshop associated with A-Hady turned up multiple firearms and over 400 rounds of ammunition.
A-Hady has not been charged with providing any of the weapons used in the Dec. 10 shootings by two attackers. Authorities say that the shooters were motivated by anti-Jewish and anti-law enforcement hatred. Four people were killed, including a Jersey City police detective.
The Associated Press wire services contributed to this report.