FBI sweep nets 23 suspected gang members in Newark

The FBI recently arrested nearly two dozen suspected gang members who were possibly involved in violent drug and gang activity in Newark.
The FBI?s crackdown on gang activity in Newark?s South Ward led to approximately 23 arrests. The alleged gang members, who investigators say belong to the 93 Bloods and 793 Bloods, are suspected of controlling drug traffic on Madison Avenue. Officials say those arrested sold cocaine and heroin under names like ?Child Support,? ?Murder,? ?Genocide? and ?Bleed.?
Residents are relieved by the recent arrests and say that the gangs? presence controlled their lives.
"In this block here, most of the people that own their homes are senior citizens and in most cases the homes are paid for,? says longtime resident Sam Upshaw. ?If they got anything to do, they try to get it done before it gets dark."
The suspects were charged with federal crimes and could face up to 40 years in prison. FBI agents say they are still seeking three more high-ranking gang members.