FBI issues warning that thieves are targeting Asian American business owners

The FBI wants Asian American business owners to be on alert, following a warning that thieves are targeting their community.
“It is definitely kind of like next-level stalking, in my opinion,” says Grace Kim, owner of New Splendid Nail and Spa in Fort Lee.
The Newark field office of the FBI says that burglary rings are targeting Asian American-owned business owners. These thieves are sometimes following owners home or breaking into their cars to find out where they live. They will then go back to break into their homes when the owners are back on the job.
The Bureau says that Asian Americans are a target because of a stereotype that they keep pricey items and cash in their homes.
“It’s just scary to know someone is profiling you and knowing where you live, and what business you’re running and how your business is doing and that’s why they are targeting you,” Kim says.
FBI agents say they’re receiving two to three reports across New Jersey every week and fear more cases are unreported. They recommend business owners keep their cars locked and information secure, so the thieves can’t figure out where the owners live. Owners are also urged to alter their routines so that they cannot be followed. They should also consider safety measures for their home and business, including surveillance cameras, alarm systems and sensor lighting.
“It’s more alarming because there’s been more Asian targeted crimes. And I’m hoping the Asian community and business owners stay safe,” Kim says.
The FBI says that this type of crime is on the rise across New Jersey and that those responsible are very sophisticated. Anyone who falls victim to one of these crimes should report it to their local police department.
More information about the threats and what people can do to stay safe can be found HERE.