FBI issues warning about potential cyber scams targeting voters ahead of November election

The FBI and the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency have issued a warning about potential scammers, cybercriminals and foreign actors that may be targeting voters in the upcoming presidential election.
The agencies say that spoofed URLs and email domains could pose a risk to the American public. They say that the scammers are using fraudulent websites and email addresses posed as legitimate election resources that could easily dupe victims into giving away their personal information or infect computers with malware.
To avoid becoming a victim, the FBI suggests carefully checking the spelling of web addresses, websites and email addresses. Scammers will often use .com addresses instead of .gov ones or misspell words.
Voters should seek out information from trustworthy sources, make sure their computer and anti-virus software is up to date and remove unneeded software apps. Using two-factor authentication is also recommended.
The FBI also warns voters now to open emails or attachments from someone they don’t know and to never give out personal information via email. Many emails requesting personal information will appear to be legitimate.
The FBI is encouraging the public to report any suspicious or criminal activity to their local FBI field office or the FBI’s Internet Crime Complaint Center.

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